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An amazing experience for all of your senses

A great movie or show has the ability to delight you visually, captivate all of your senses and make you emerge in its world, even if it’s just for a few hours. This journey is possible thanks to the impressive screens, Dolby Atmos 54-speakers sound system, “rocker” adjustable seats and impeccable 3D technologies that can be found in our auditoriums.

Every movie theater is different, but charming within its details. From leather seats and VIP catering services to the largest cinema screen in Romania or the modern Eye-Fi Cafe Bar, you will find everything you want in the 14.000 m² universe in Grand Cinema & More. Come see for yourself!

Discover the star movie theaters at Grand Cinema & More

Grand Ultra

Grand Ultra – The latest and most modern technology

If you seek an impressive cinematographic experience, Grand ULTRA auditorium is the best destination. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Grand Ultra gives you the complete cinematic experience. The latest RGB 4K laser projection technology, the largest 22.5meter cinema screen in Romania, the "black box" concept, the revolutionary Dolby Atmos audio system and the active Guitammer® armchairs, vibration transducers, complement each other to give you the perfect destination for watching a movie.

If you want to watch your favourite movie in premium conditions, come to Grand VIP Studios. Here, the leather couches replace the classic seats, the drinks and snacks are on the house, and the exclusive services like Wi-Fi access, private bar and wardrobe come alongside the incredible sound and image experience.

Note: Grand VIP Studios are recomended for customers who are 18y.o. or more. Minors are required to be accompanied by an adult.