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Your cinephile card, loaded with surprises

Are you a movie aficionado? Going to cinema just became more interesting! With Grand Entertainment card, you will enjoy the preferential treatment, each time you visit us. You will get exclusive offers and promotions, discounts at Eye Fi Café Bar (the café-bar in the cinema lobby) and a personalized package of benefits, in accordance with the level you’ve reached: Basic, Silver, Gold or Platinum. In different words, the more you visit us, the more pleasant your experience in our cinema is going to be. Sounds good, right?

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How to use it

You can get your card at the Concierge office in Grand Cinema & More. Once it is activated, it’s going to be your best friend when you visit our cinema. Show it to our colleagues at the box office, each time you make a purchase and gather the points you earned.

Make sure you get your Entertainment Card. For info, address to Concierge office in cinema lobby.

How to get points

For each 1 RON spent for cinema tickets or concession bar products, 1 point will be added to your Grand Entertainment card automatically. Depending on the number of points accumulated on the card, you will receive various benefits, based on the loyalty level reached: Basic, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

How to move from one level to the other

All the members in Grand Entertainment Card program start at the Basic level and, by accumulating points, they have the possibility to move to a superior level. Once one accumulates 800 points, one moves automatically to Silver level. When 1600 points accumulated, one reaches automatically Gold level.

One year from the date of joining Grand Entertainment Card program, all accounts are being reset to the Basic level. The members who finish the year at Silver or Gold level start the new year getting bonus points, according to table 1 below. The members who reach Gold level for two years in a row, are being automatically upgraded to Platinum level. Platinum level offers access to the benefits of the Gold levels mentioned in table 1 below and a Mini Menu for each transaction with cinema tickets, provided that the Platinum member collects minimum 400 points in 6 months’ time. In the same time, at the end of each year, Platinum members have their collected points reset but they keep their Platinum level.

Benefits for each level

Benefits Basic Silver Gold
100 bonus points when enrolling in the program, for filling in all optional fields Yes Yes Yes
80 bonus points, as present for birthday Yes Yes Yes
Newsletter: all the members have to option to subscribe for the weekly cinema program newsletter Yes Yes Yes
Bonus points received at the end of the year, when the account is being reset 0 200 400
Invitations for private screenings No Yes Yes
10% discount vouchers for the alternative shows’ tickets No No Yes
Discount at Eye Fi Café Bar* No 10% 15%
Free Premium seats** No No Yes
Promotions and contests exclusive for members (provided that they agree to receive marketing communication) Yes Yes Yes
Free access to underground parking*** No No Yes

* Discount is offered based on Grand Entertainment Card and ID

** Premium seat supplement will not be paid; Gold members will pay only for the standard seat ticket. At tickets’ purchase, it is mandatory to show Grand Entertainment Card and ID. This benefit is not available when buying the tickets online or through the tickets’ ATMs.

*** The parking ticket is validated at the end of the visit in the cinema and offers free access to the underground parking for the entire day. The validation of the parking ticket is done at the Concierge office, together with the Grand Entertainment Card valid at Gold or Platinum levels and a valid cinema ticket (bought from the cinema box office, online from our websites, from Cinemagia or CityILove application)

Gifts for Grand Entertainment Card members

Did you think that this was all? No way! Together with the above discounts, gathering points on your Grand Entertainment card gives access to various presents, in the form of vouchers, without points being redeemed from your account. In other words, you get to receive both the points that bring you benefits and the gifts.

Here is what you get at each step:

Number of points Gift
160 points One free small drink
400 points One free small bag of popcorn
640 points One standard cinema ticket
800 points One medium menu (Just for you)
1.200 points One big menu (Romantic)
1.600 points Two standard cinema tickets* or a 50 RON voucher, that can be used for purchasing tickets for alternative shows (not valid for purchasing VIP Studios tickets)

* The two free tickets are standard cinema tickets and cannot be used to access Grand VIP Studios, opera, ballet, theatre shows, concerts or festivals. They cannot be used for avanpremieres either.